Haines’ theater scene has a lot to offer this year.

The Lynn Canal Community Players is holding a meeting Friday, Oct. 13 at 4:30 p.m. in the Chilkat Center conference room to discuss this winter’s Holly Jolly Follies show.

The show is planned for Dec. 23 and people should be thinking of what they’d like to perform. Contact Holly Davis for more information.

The group will also discuss hosting a comedy theater festival.

Annette Smith said the group is thinking about holding comedy skit workshops. The idea is in its early stage and Smith hopes people will attend Friday’s meeting to provide input.

Tod Sebens will direct Neil Simon’s “Jake’s Women.” Rehearsals will likely start in February, Smith said.

Mark Zeiger is making his directorial debut with William Goldman’s “Lion in Winter.”

Hannah Bochart will produce a play this spring. She’s trying to decide between two productions she’s written; a post-apocalyptic murder mystery or a retelling of Irish Selkie mythology.

Geppetto’s Junkyard will perform “Melenka and the City of Monsters” on Nov. 18.

A more detailed preview of each performance will be published closer to their openings.