Tuesday, December 19
A verbal domestic dispute was reported.
Caller reported hearing noises outside their window.
Thursday, December 21
Caller reported a scam website.
Caller reported a scam phone call.
Friday, December 22
A burglary alarm was reported at a business on Main Street.
An escaped hog was reported at about 25 Mile.
Saturday, December 23
A lost set of keys was reported.
Two dogs were reported running lose on FAA Road.
Caller reported pieces of the sidewalk broken off by snowplows.
An alarm was reported at a business.
Dangerous road conditions were reported on Mud Bay Road.
Multiple reports were received regarding downed power lines.
A speeding vehicle was reported on Tower Road.
Landslide was reported blocking the roadway at about 18 Mile.
A parked vehicle was reported with its headlights left on.
Sunday, December 24
Caller reported hearing a neighbor yelling.
An alarm was reported at a business.
An attended death was reported.
An ongoing dispute between neighbors was reported.
Monday, December 25
Rocks were reported in the road at 17 Mile.
Caller reported another driver not dimming their high beams.
Caller reported bring locked out of their vehicle.
Heavy snow was reported on the road.
A vehicle with a dead battery was reported.
There were two 911 hang-ups, one canine call, five EMS calls and two traffic stops during this reporting period.

Sunday, January 7
A welfare check was conducted.
A vehicle was parked blocking the roadway.
A welfare check was conducted.
Monday, January 8
An injured moose was reported.
Caller requested assistance with an injured dog.
Tuesday, January 9
Caller suspected a neighbor tampered with their vehicle.
A vehicle in the way of snow removal was tagged for towing.
Caller reported a snowmachine and rider fell through the ice.
A dispute over child custody was reported.
Wednesday, January 10
Lost keys were reported.
Caller reported an unknown man prowling near their vehicle in the night.
Multiple reports of a power outage were received.
Caller requested assistance retrieving their phone after a verbal dispute.
Caller reported an unknown man at their sliding glass door.
Thursday, January 11
32-year-old man was arrested for violating conditions of probation.
Police conducted a welfare check
Caller reported injured moose
Damaged air hose reported.
Caller reported hearing noises and seeing footprints outside their residence.
Friday, January 12
A welfare check was conducted.
An odd phone call was reported.