November 2010

New start at heli-ski question

Mayor appoints 9-member panel

The Haines Borough’s new heli-skiing work group held its first meeting Tuesday, and members said they want to avoid the heated tone of previous discussions about the industry.

“I think that this is a better way to resolve some of the issues than to try to do it through assembly meetings, where we’re way more structured, we have two more pages of agenda that is weighing heavily back here, and people get kind of testy,” said Mayor Jan Hill, who appointed the group and opened the meeting.

The nine-member group includes Hill, assembly members Daymond Hoffman and Joanne Waterman, residents Rob Goldberg, Joe Ordonez, and Carolyn Weishahn, Sean Brownell of Alaska Heliskiing, Sean Gaffney of Alaska Mountain Guides and Scott Sundberg of Southeast Alaska Backcountry Adventures (SEABA).

November 1995

Sales tax revenue up

Sales tax receipts for the city were up sharply last summer over 1994, although there were some unexplainable fluctuations, city administrator Tom Healy said this week.

A new report shows that $167,100 was collected in September from sales in August and July, for an increase of 18.3 percent from the year before. The mid-summer surge came despite a widespread assumption that travel to Haines was curtailed by the unrealized threat of a union strike on the state ferry system.

The three-year average for annual sales tax collection is $1 million. The three-year monthly averages vary from a low of $54,400 for April collections to a high of $145,300 for September collections.

November 1970

Moose hearing coming

Gov. Keith H. Miller has asked the chairman of the Alaska Board of Fish and Game to schedule an informational public hearing next month on the subject of antlerless moose hunting seasons.

Gov. Miller said he asked for the public hearing because of the high degree of interest on the part of many Alaska residents in the antlerless moose hunting season. The purpose of the hearing would be to gather data on the moose population and range conditions.