The Southeast Alaska State Fair will hold its annual membership meeting starting 5 p.m. Friday, Aug. 26 at the fairgrounds’ Harriett Hall. A dinner will follow.

All members are invited to hear reports on the fair, events, facilities, and the status of the corporation. The fair mailed out surveys to members Aug. 19. Members are asked to return them completed at Friday’s meeting or mail them to P.O. Box 385, Haines.

“We need to find ways to get more feedback from membership,” said executive director Jessica Edwards. Members also will elect board members Friday.

Deborah Marshall is board president. Other board members are Paul Wheeler, vice-chair, Courtney Culbeck, secretary, and Leslie Evenden, treasurer. Other directors are Rodger Tuenge, Daymond Hoffman and Josh Benassi.

Dinner begins 6 p.m. and includes baked pasta, salad and an ice-cream sundae bar. The meal is free for volunteers, members and sponsors. Members of the public pay $5.

Results of competitions at the state fair were recently announced. They include:

King Arthur Flour Bake Off: Adult: 1) Savannah Maidy, Flower Cake, 2) Steve Cunningham, Toasted Coconut Cake, 3) Meg Freidenauer, Coconut Cake. Youth: 1) Becca Wheeler, Dixie Spice Cake. Southeast’s Got Talent: Adult Winner: Mario Julian Benassi, Haines, AK. Youth Winner: Hali Brownell, Haines. Beach Wrestling: 1) Zane Durr, Haines, 2) Kenny Thomsen, Haines, 3) Jimmy Thomsen, Haines. Singer Songwriter: 1) Helena Borkert, Haines, “That’s My Mom”, 2) Traeste Gusmunsen, F/V Desire, “I Am Not My Thoughts”, 3) Yvonne Gillis, Haines Junction, Y.T., “To Keep You Nearby”.

Haines Hustle: 5K, Men’s Winner: Kyle Fossman, Haines – 21:34. Women’s Winner: Megan Wilson, Whitehorse, Y.T., – 21:48. 10K, Men’s Winner: Kirby Faverty, Haines – 53:46. Women’s Winner: Robyn Klinkman, Utterson, Ontario. – 47:43. Half Marathon, Men’s Winner: Chandler Kemp, Haines, – 1:27:26. Women’s Winner: Lisa Shove, Haines, – 2:01:03.

Grand Parade: Grand Prize, 907 Clothing. Best of Theme, The Hair Shop. Kids’ Groups, Mud Bay Big Heads. Music and Marching Groups: 1) Haines Marching Band, 2) Dei Shu Dancers and Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Dancers, Honorable Mention: Bagpipes and Tenor Drum, Juneau, AK. Driven Floats: 1) 907 Clothing, 2) US Coast Guard Castle, Honorable Mention: Haines Fire Trucks and Ambulance.

Most Lovable Dog: Biggest, Chewy with John Carlson. Smallest, Chopper with Dayshawn Lott. Best Dressed, Seek with Abby Blaine. Only a Mother Could Love, Sumo with Emmett Ross. Cutest/Lovable, Fin, Tristle, Fungus puppies with Sadie Anderson (Also won Best in Parade). Look-a-Like, Cleo with Dennis Berry. Most Obnoxious, Chrome with Mary Crann. Most Alaskan, Pete with Eric Telford. Best Trick, Kipper with Conner Macty.

Guy Hoffman Memorial Horseshoe Tournament: 1) Bill Findlay, 2) Peter Dohrn, 3) Sean Copeland. Fiddle Contest: 1) Tom Heywood, Haines, and Heather Parker, Juneau, 2) Lioba Menger, Skagway.

Logging Show: Women’s Ax Throw: 1) Jen Larson, 2) Joan Sizemore, 3) Sarah Durand. Men’s Ax Throw: 1) Zack Ferrin, 2) Jerome Smith, 3) Dan Berk. Choker Setting/Hook Tender Relay: 1) Colton Baker, 2) Nigel Duffy Webb, 3) Tyler Thomas. Women’s Small Saw Powerbucking: 1) Julia Hildebrand, 2) Anna Mulyca, 3) Gen Bell. Men’s Small Saw Powerbucking: 1) Sean McLaughlin, 2) Nigel Duffy Webb, 3) Tyler Thomas. Jack and Jill Handbucking: 1) Cheryl Skaflestad and Scott Docherty. Obstacle Bucking: 1) David Hertel, 2) Sean McLaughlin, 3) Colton Baker. Men’s Large Saw Powerbucking: 1) Ralph “Animal” Austin, 2) Mike Durand, 3) Sean McLaughlin. Logrolling: 1) Ralph Austin, 2) Colton Baker, 3) Morgan Dean. Bull of the Woods, tie, Sean McLaughlin and Colton Baker. Babe of the Woods: Jen Larson.

Fisherman’s Rodeo: Overall Winner, Dan Shultz. Herring Toss: Adult Winners, Ben Timby and Dan Shultz. Youth Winners, Carver Culbeck and Logan Coleman. Life Ring Toss: 1) Michael Wald, 2) Will Prisciandaro, 3) Hunter Freeman. Rain Gear Race: 1) Dan Shultz, 2) Ben Timby, 3) Will Prisciandaro. Survival Suit Race: 1) Ben Feltman, 2) Dan Shultz, 3) Dan Kenda. Wobbly Bat Bouy Grab: 1) Ben Timby, 2) Dan Shultz, 3) Hunter Freeman.

Disc Golf Tournament: 1) Simon Brechlin, Redmond, Ore .: 43, -11 (That’s 11 strokes under the course par of 54), 2) Dennis Durr, Haines: 51, -3, 3) Colton Baker, Juneau: 55, +1. Volleyball Tournament: 1) The Line Judges – Ben Harris, Josh Harris, Samantha Clay, Anthony Wilson, 2) Buccaneers – Mark Sebens, Jessie Shaw, Riley Erekson, Libby Jacobson, 3) Game Point – Alixanne Goodman, Drew Fossman, Kyle Fossman, Kris Rath.