Recently our dad, Bob Henderson, passed away after a two-month illness. During this time, my brother Tom Henderson, sister Barb Cave and I were in Haines sharing the caretaking responsibilities. It was our privilege to enable both our parents to make the sacred journey from this life to the next the way they wanted to: at home in the community they loved. This would not have been possible without the incredible generosity of the people of Haines. The caring, dedicated homecare workers at Cornerstone were invaluable as were the folks at Haines Hospice. Thank you also to the many people who brought meals, provided housing, rides and/or vehicles, and to the people who made visits and offered us friendship and moral support. To Jasper Strong and Glenda Sullivan we are forever indebted… your care and friendship to our dad was truly appreciated. The one constant companion to my dad in the last eight years was his cat, so thanks also for loving her and taking her into your home. Thanks to Shelley Hodnik for her middle of the night rescue missions; we are so grateful. And to Becky Malone, thank you seems so insignificant. You helped make an unbearable journey more manageable and your kindness and wise counsel were so appreciated.

  Thanks to the Presbyterian Church and Ron Horn for a beautiful service. It was truly an honor to serve alongside all of you. We are grateful and humbled.

Kathy Crenshaw