Monday, Jan. 31

A car’s automatic alert system was triggered twice at Willard Avenue and Second Avenue. An officer responded and did not locate the vehicle.

Sunday, Jan. 30

Public works responded to a call that a large ice hole on Beach Road could be a driving hazard.

A caller reported a hitchhiker on Union Street. An officer located the person at Delta Western, and they declined a ride.

An officer responded to a call to check the welfare of a family member at Dusty Trails apartments.

Saturday, Jan. 29

An officer responded to a call that a guest at a Young Road residence had been abusive and threatening a few days earlier.

State troopers responded to a call that a vehicle hit a guardrail at 12.5 Mile Haines Highway and that no one was injured.

A caller reported a person who appeared to be intoxicated and may be driving on Main Street. An officer followed the driver and did not observe any erratic driving.

A caller reported receiving multiple calls from an out-of-state person and would like them to stop calling. The caller was advised to contact state troopers and the magistrate.

Friday, Jan. 28

A homeless person requested assistance, and ministerial services responded.

Thursday, Jan. 27

A caller reported seeing a chimney fire visible on Ocean View. Firemen responded and determined the flue had been opened.

A caller reported a dog was shot in Klukwan. State troopers were advised and determined the dog was shot with an air gun and did not appear to be injured. The dog had been running loose on another person’s property, where it was shot.

An officer extinguished a campfire that was left unattended on a Chilkat Inlet beach.

Wednesday, Jan. 26

An officer was advised that a caller was locked out of a vehicle at their residence when their dog hit the locks from the inside.

Tuesday, Jan. 25

A caller reported a person was “freaking out” and tearing things up at their Deishu Drive house. An officer responded and the person calmed down.

A caller reported a person continuously knocking on their door in the middle of the night off Beach Road. An officer responded and took the knocker to a motel.

A person reported a vehicle that had only one license plate on it. An officer was advised.

An officer was advised of a requested extra patrol at an apartment complex parking lot due to a domestic dispute.

A caller reported a speeding vehicle ran a stop sign at Allen Road and Union Street. An officer responded and contacted the driver, who could not be cited because no officer saw the alleged infractions.

There were 11 medical calls and three calls about dogs.