Monday, March 5

A caller told police a motorist had repeatedly driven drunk.

An ill person reported as missing was located at a residence and taken to the Haines clinic.

A caller reported a vehicle blocking traffic at Deishu Drive.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for a headlight out and failure to install a new license plate.

Sunday, March 4

A caller reported a person who might need assistance or psychiatric support, and was put in contact with a physician.

An out-of-town caller sought assistance locating her son and was referred to the court for documents.

A caller reported icy conditions at the “Y” at Main Street and Old Haines Highway.

A person reported poor road conditions at the intersection of Second Avenue and Main Street.

Saturday, March 3

An officer called from the Juneau Police Department reporting a person in their area received a disturbing text message from a person in the Haines area. An investigation found the message was regarding a video game and was sent to the wrong number.

A caller reported a person left threatening messages on his Facebook account. An officer spoke with both parties, who had made threats back and forth online, and told them to stop.

An officer reported a bag of garbage left on Union Street and contacted the owner.

A caller reported Young Road was very icy.

An officer conducted a traffic stop and issued verbal warnings for a defective taillight and improperly displayed tags.

Friday, March 2

A dispatcher from Palm Beach, Fla., reported a 911 call from a person claiming to be at Porcupine Creek. The information was passed on to Alaska State Troopers, but Florida authorities then determined the individual was in Palm Beach and confused. Haines Police said the caller was mentally unbalanced and had just finished watching “Gold Rush.”

Officers issued two written warnings for expired registrations.

Two callers reported a chimney fire on Tower Road. A fire crew responded and controlled the fire with no damage or injuries.

Thursday, March 1

Icy roads caused at least four vehicles to slide into the ditch on the Third Avenue hill between Deishu Drive and Mud Bay Road.

A caller reported a single-vehicle accident on Main Street.

An officer assisted a person who was trying to keep their relative from consuming alcohol. The officer located the relative and transported them back home.

Police assisted another agency with a welfare check on a possibly suicidal subject who was found to be fine.

Wednesday, Feb. 29

A caller asked about the status of a warrant and was told to look online.

The assistant harbormaster was notified the door to the icehouse was left open. He responded and secured the door.

A caller at 26 Mile Haines Highway reported their car’s tires had been flattened in an act of vandalism.

Police conducted three traffic stops and issued a citation for an expired registration.

Tuesday, Feb. 28

A caller reported someone possibly entered his downtown residence without permission. A police investigation determined it did not appear a forced entry was made or attempted.

A caller reported a single-vehicle accident at 8 Mile Haines Highway, and state troopers responded. There was minor damage to the vehicle and no injuries.

A caller reported they were being harassed by an acquaintance. Police spoke with the subject and advised them not to contact the caller.

A welfare check was requested for a person, who was put in touch with the requesting party.

Officers conducted four traffic stops. Two citations and a written warning were issued for failing to stop at a stop sign. There were three verbal warnings, for not carrying proof of insurance, not stopping at a stop sign and not wearing a seatbelt.

There were 22 medical calls and one call about dogs.