Monday, Oct. 31

A caller reported a possible fire in the Porcupine area. A fireman responded and reported it was a structure being burnt down in a bonfire.

Sunday, Oct. 30

A caller reported possible explosive equipment at 1 Mile Lutak Road. A worker was advised and cleaned up the debris, which did not include any active explosives.

A caller requested police help with a harassment following a disagreement. An officer responded and did not locate the person who had been yelling.

A caller reported a reckless driver speeding on FAA Road. An officer spoke to the driver.

Friday, Oct. 28

A caller reported spilled dirt on Young Road.

A caller reported an unattended fire at Main and Union streets. An officer responded and said the fire was an attended cooking fire.

A caller reported someone had been pushing dirt onto an FAA Road property.

Wednesday, Oct. 26

A business reported a person left without settling a bill. The caller was advised to proceed with a civil claims process.

A caller reported a noise disturbance due to loud music from the west side of town. The caller later contacted the police station to let officers know the music had stopped.

A caller reported a reckless driver speeding through a downtown parking lot. An officer was advised and did not locate the vehicle.

Tuesday, Oct. 25

A caller reported guests at a motel were being loud. An officer responded, and the guests agreed to quiet down.

There were 13 medical calls and one call about dogs.

The Haines Borough Police Department can be reached at 766-2121.

A downtown business reported people smoking near the entrance. The people left before an officer arrived.