Monday, Sept. 6

A caller reported two bears walking up Second Avenue, north of Main Street at 2:30 a.m. Officer responded and found the bears had gotten into the bank trash can and a dumpster in a nearby alley. Officer chased them into the woods near Fourth Avenue.

A caller reported two bears on Third Avenue, south of Main Street at 2:45 a.m. An officer found the same, black-colored sow and cub from earlier calls and chased them into the wood by Haines Highway.

A caller reported their vehicle had been tampered with on Union Street.

A caller reported a vehicle parked in the bus parking at the Port Chilkoot Dock.

A caller reported a bad-smelling smoke coming from a chimney of a local business.

A caller reported a bear in their yard on Small Tracts Road.

Sunday, Sept. 5

A caller reported a vehicle rollover accident in front of a local gas station. The driver was cited.

A caller reported a vehicle speeding on Small Tracts Road. An officer patrolled by but found no sign of a speeder.

A caller reported following a possible drunk driver on Lutak Road. Police stopped the vehicle and found the driver was not impaired.

A caller reported two bears getting into the senior village dumpster. An officer who responded scared the bears off.

A pedestrian requested a courtesy ride after seeing two bears walking up Fourth Avenue.

A caller reported a bear on Main Street heading up First Ave. at 11:30 p.m. An officer found two bears and chased them into the woods after shooting one with a Taser.

Saturday, Sept. 4

A caller reported a dog chased two bears onto a porch on Tower Road.

A caller reported being assaulted in a Main Street bar, where he was allegedly punched in the head upon entering, knocked to the ground and punched again. The report is under investigation.

An officer gave a ride home to a person who was too intoxicated to drive.

A caller reported a bear had destroyed their apple tree on Small Tracts Road.

A caller reported a bear got into their enclosed porch at Officers’ Row and did $2,000 damage.

The Klehini Valley Fire Department was advised of a planned large brush fire at Mosquito Lake School and a request for a fire truck to stand by.

Power went out for 20 minutes.

Public works reported a water leak on Soapsuds Alley.

Klukwan man was arrested at 2 Mile Haines Highway for driving under the influence.

Friday, Sept. 3

A bartender reported a fight was about to start outside a Main Street bar. An officer arrested a Juneau resident who pulled a knife and pursued a local man, but was tackled by others.

A caller reported a truck at the Letnikof boat launch that was submerged to the top of the vehicle. Troopers responded and found the truck had been pulled out of the water.

A caller reported their teenage daughter had run away from home. Troopers and police started an investigation.

Public works was advised of a call from a motorist who drove over a partly covered manhole on Second Avenue.

A caller reported a horse trailer parked on Skyline Drive for two days.

An officer chased off three bears that were getting into a cherry tree at a Small Tracts Road residence.

Thursday, Sept. 2

Officers were advised of a call from a Juneau resident concerned about a family member in Haines who was verbally abused.

Public works was advised of an uncovered manhole on Second Avenue.

A caller reported a vehicle with out-of-state plates disregarded the law when approaching a stopped school bus.

A trooper on the ferry requested information on an unruly passenger.

A Deishu Drive caller reported concern about an unkind note left on a neighbor’s door.

Wednesday, Sept. 1

An officer helped a resident retrieve a vehicle from an estranged friend.

A caller reported a black bear near Cathedral View subdivision dragging its back leg. The wildlife trooper was advised.

A caller reported an injured bear that would not leave their residence on Haines Highway near Piedad Road.

An officer responding to a 911 call found people having a minor dispute.

Police responded to a domestic dispute involving a family member riding in the car of a suspected intoxicated person.

Tuesday, Aug. 31

A Lynn View Drive resident reported they shot a bear in their backyard with rubber slugs.

A caller reported two vehicles parked in the library parking lot for weeks. The vehicles were moved the next day.

A caller reported a bear ripped off the side mirror or a car on Tower Road while they were out of town.

A caller requested information on a local person.

A caller reported a person took off in their truck and had been drinking. An officer found the reported driver at a residence and not driving.

There were 26 medical calls and nine calls about dogs.