ong list of assets, we’re also an entertaining community of unique character – and characters, a place unspoiled by endless suburbs and ways out. More than most places, we rely on one another and carve our course together. More than most places, each voice matters.

  It’s unfortunate that local politics resulted in an impasse among borough assembly members in recent months, one that some say justifies recall of two specific members tangled in that impasse.

  I appreciate the civility and care the two assembly members up for recall demonstrate as they conduct borough discussions and business; I particularly appreciate the strength Joanne Waterman brings to discussions by the questions she asks and the clarity she achieves in defining issues.

  Our community depends on the selfless civil service offered by our elected borough assembly members, including those proposed for recall. To silence their voice would be silencing the voice of those who put them in office. E.M. Forster wrote a great essay on the need for tolerance in which he states how unrealistic it is to love everyone, though we must try to find the strength of character to tolerate them. A democracy should strive to represent every portion of the population, whether we love them or simply tolerate them.

JoAnn Ross Cunningham