Why vote no on the recall? As assembly member Scott Rossman says, “It’s ridiculous. I don’t support it. But I do support their right to put it on the ballot.”  Former Mayor and conservative incumbent Jerry Lapp says he can’t support the recall either, and goes one step further than Rossman by opposing the recall effort entirely. “I wouldn’t sign the papers because I felt it was the wrong issue,” he says. Rossman, Lapp, Waterman, and Hoffman voted the same way that night – to allow the public to elect Greg Goodman’s replacement – and Mayor Jan Hill did not object. Yet only two of them, progressives Daymond Hoffman and Joanne Waterman, are targeted by the recall. Confused? Me too. The lone official opposed that night was Steve Vick, and even he is voting no on the recall. “The recall committee’s premise – that this is about the law – is completely undermined by the fact that they are making no effort to unseat Jerry Lapp,” Vick says. I am heartened that Jerry Lapp and Scott Rossman joined the majority of the candidates and officials involved in this ugly mess in opposing the recall. There is hope for thoughtful leadership and compromise on the assembly and in our community. Haines is so much better than this mean-spirited recall. Please say yes to all that’s good about our town by voting no on the recall and supporting the candidates who do.

Heather Lende

Chair of Haines Voters Against the Recall