I would like to thank the people of Haines for helping me raise money to go to Washington D.C. for National History Day. Thanks to Oleruds for help with the rib feed and the Elks Lodge for letting me have my fund-raiser there. Thanks to Howsers, Mountain Market and the school lunch program for donating to my concession stand at the track meets.  Thanks to the Sheldon Museum for the donation and sponsoring the 50/50 raffle. (Tickets still available!) Also, I want to thank Ms. Lily Boron for letting me use the concession stand at school and the school board for its donation. I am very grateful to Leanne Converse and Art Jess who donated airline miles. Thanks to all my friends who helped me with the concession stand and the rib feed. Last, but not least, I would like to thank Ms. Lisa Andriesen for everything she did to help me with History Day. Gunalcheesh.

Chevy Fowler