Photo courtesy of Heather Lende

Glacier Bears girls basketball celebrated their first tournament of the season with a win over F.H. Collins Secondary School on Saturday in Whitehorse. The Bears traveled to Whitehorse on Thursday with Pete Dohrn filling in as parent-coach so that head coach Coleman Stanford could watch his kids perform at the school concert in Haines on Thursday before joining the team. The Bears lost their first game to F.H. Collins on Friday morning, but then rallied to win their next three games, including a thrilling final against F.H. Collins on Saturday. The teams were tied at halftime, and Stanford told the girls that the team that wanted it most would be the victors. With just three minutes left in the game, the teams were still tied. The team started a full-court press, which forced backcourt violations, resulting in the Bears surging ahead for a 10-point victory in the tournament. Stanford said the team’s experience and sharp shooting by junior Emma Dohrn were key to their win. “It was a good reminder how they needed to move on the floor and the effort it was gonna require to play a game. By the time the final came around, they were awake and knew what they needed to do,” said Stanford.

Heather and Chip Lende, Tom Morphet had a bear break into their cabins near Rutzebeck Lake recently. “You could tell it opened the kitchen cupboards, moved the kitchen table and chairs, maybe laid down on the dog bed,” said Heather Lende. She said the bear tore off the door jamb of her cabin but luckily the damage was minimal otherwise. She’s not sure why the bear entered, since there was no food inside. “There’s nothing in there, there’s salt but there’s not even pepper,” she said. Still, she said, it wasn’t a good feeling. “It’s such a violation, it’s like having your house robbed,” she said. It’s not the first time a bear has come inside the cabin, which the family has had for 30 years. About two years ago, a bear came through and destroyed cabinets. Lende said they’ve since become much more fastidious about clearing out food. Morphet’s cabin, on the other hand, sustained a little more damage. He said the bear may have been attracted to some compost residue left on a container. He estimated that between the damage to his door, house and the dry food he had stored in the house, it probably would come out to around $1,000 in damage. Morphet said it was the first time he’d had a bear come into the cabin in his 25 years there.

Former resident Byrne Power is again raising money on GoFundMe as part of his effort to move his “rather large” 12,000-pound library from Haines to Tbilisi, Georgia (the country), where he’s lived the last few years. According to the GoFundMe page, Power’s lease on his storage unit where he’d been storing his books was set to expire in October. Several years ago, Power raised money to buy a home in Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, a town of about 1.1 million people. But he said a series of economic factors – rent rising, the dollar value crashing, and the war in Ukraine – cut into his ability to pay to move the library. Power said he lived in Haines for 21 years. He’s now trying to raise an additional $12,000 to load up a shipping container to bring it “12 time zones and two oceans away.” He said he’s met more than half of his fundraising goal already and is shooting to have the container shipped by March. He said he’s adding a gift for donations over $50 of rare Georgian music files.

Sue Libenson and her partner Bill Holton hosted a latkes party over the weekend to recognize Hanukkah, the eight-day winter festival celebrated by Jewish people. The simple dish is made with just a handful of ingredients – potatoes, flour and eggs – and topped with traditional garnishes of sour cream and applesauce. Latkes are a traditional Hanukkah food associated with the oil that is said to have miraculously burned for eight days in 163 B.C. when a Jewish revolt led by warriors known as the Maccabees succeeded in liberating Jerusalem from the Seleucid Empire. Libenson said in addition to latkes, some kids played dreidel games for chocolate.