Bryan and Kaitlin Combs along with children Colton, Tyson, and Tanner have returned from the Seattle Mariners opening day baseball game. The family first traveled to Juneau where Bryan played in the Gold Medal Basketball Tournament. They stayed with Bryan’s sister Rikki and Matt Dubois and her children Garrett and Erin Gelston who also went with them on their trip. From there they headed to Seattle to watch the Mariners. Music artist Macklemore also made a musical appearance for a full stadium. “This was our birthday gift to Colton, tickets on opening day. He is so into sports and starting little league soon.We thought this would be perfect,” Kaitlin said.

Dylan and Rigel Beckish have returned from a trip in Washington along with their daughter Annabelle. The trip started with a 50th birthday bash for Rigel’s friend and co-worker Beth Bolander with a spa day and night out. Rigel also got to meet Maxine Simpson, the newest and fourth girl for Hannah and Zeth Simpson. They also met up with Rigel’s grandfather, John Falvey and his wife Geanmary and celebrated his 84th birthday. They then ventured to Couer d’Alene, Idaho where they met Dylan’s brother Chance Sampsel and wife Malea and kids Quinton, Caden and Garrett.

Mandy Ramsey’s poem “Where I’m From” was selected among 400 submissions for the 2019 issue of Tidal Echoes, a University of Alaska Literary journal. Tidal Echoes showcases the art and writing of Southeast Alaskans.

The Starvin’ Marvin Garden is getting ready for the first seeds of the season. This week, kindergarteners along with third and fifth grader planted peppers and onions. “Every class in K-6 starts seeds that will be transplanted into the garden in May,” said Takshunuk Education Coordinator Marie Boisvert. “Students engage in every step of the growing process: mixing potting soil, making soil blocks, seeding, watering, potting-on, thinning, transplanting and, finally, eating,” she added.

The annual Aaron Nash Pool Tournament was held at the Fogcutter Bar last week. “Twenty- five players attended the event and Roger Bergstrand went home as the winner,” said owner Kelly Jessup.

The 2019 Swim-a-Thon on March 30 was a big success. Fourty swimmers collected donation pledges from sponsors and swam lengths of the pool to earn money for the Haines Dolphins Swim Team. “For the second year in a row, the Little Dolphins, swimmers not yet certified to swim in the deep end, participated in a separate session by swimming sideways lengths in the shallow end of the pool,” said board member Rich Chapell. The money raised during the Swim-a-Thon will be used by the Haines Dolphins Swim Team in the coming year to pay coaches, rent the pool and offer need-based swim dues scholarships.

Ted Cheney went exploring with his family, wife Kat, children Winter, Isabella, and Taylor, at low tide a couple weeks ago and found a bottle of Dr. Kilmer’s Swamp Root fully intact from 1896. Swamp Root was a diuretic for kidneys and also a mild laxative. It tended to promote the flow of urine and aiding the kidneys in their work of eliminating waste. The concoction was made of 10 percent alcohol and also included golden seal root, skull cap leaves, venice turpentine, peppermint, cinnamon, valerian root and sassafras.

Residents have returned from the Hoop Time basketball tournament in Juneau over spring break. Haines Boys Middle School and Girls Middle School teams competed in the annual tournament. Boys coach Kyle Fossman was proud of his teams, “Both teams had some really close games which is a great experience for them, getting a chance to play in a game that could go either way at the end.”