I am somewhat surprised at what I perceive as a disconnect from thepeople of Haines by the Fair Board regarding family entertainment. The Fair belongs to the people of the borough, all the people. While I support the rights of the drag group men to perform whether gay or not, there is a time and place for such entertainment. That place is not at the fair which is a public venue supported in part by borough taxpayers, all of them. I have attended almost all of our fairs for over 20 years, some from opening to closing and children of all ages have been present many times if not all the time at closing. Is it the desire of the Fair Board to run off all children under the age of consent, or 17,16,15,10 prior to the performance, many of whom will be unattended? That would be equally inappropriate.

Is this stroll outside societal norms all there is? I wonder, when in an April 13 letter to the editor, Tom Morphet says about Saturday’s Love Parade “If we want it, Saturday’s parade was only the beginning.” I believe him. If you have an opinion one way or the other, don’t sit at home on your hands.

Jim Shook