I read in the paper that the reason for banning yurts in the townsite is because it might affect property values. I ask you to think about all the implications of basing the decision to ban yurts on trying to raise the cost of living on those who choose a simpler lifestyle, because it might affect your property values. To say, ‘Oh you can live out the road and have your yurt’ is to say, ‘What you save with a simpler life you will now spend that on gas.’ Typically, yurts are not financeable so those who choose yurts aren’t sending as much of their money out of Haines.

You may in the future want to have that same freedom you are taking from others. Remember how people fought against electricity going out Mud Bay? Were you forced to get electricity? No. You had the freedom to choose.

I chose to live in a 40-year-old trailer house. Will we be the next to be outlawed because we are hurting your property values?

I plead with those pushing to ban yurts to reconsider. We all don’t have to be the same. Banning yurts will not help the homeless. A wall tent and wood stove would help with that problem but think how crazy those against yurts would be to have a homeless person have the comfort of a wall tent and a wood stove.

To love our fellow humans and residents and their freedom is way better than higher property values.

Leonard Dubber