The American Constellation canceled three of its dockings this month because of a COVID-19 virus outbreak.

The 175-passenger cruise ship canceled its Aug. 16 and Aug. 23 sailings and likely won’t dock on Aug. 30.

“American’s guests love Haines and we look forward to as many stops there as possible for all our small ship cruises throughout every Alaska season, but this year we have adjusted a few recent sailings due to Covid,” a spokesperson for the company said.

Two tour companies, Rainbow Glacier Adventures and Alaska Nature Tours, sell tours to the ship’s passengers. Adventures’ owner Joe Ordonez said the loss of customers adds to an already slow season.

“This was not good news for us,” Ordonez said. “Of course, we understand their decision to bypass Haines during this surge in COVID-19 cases. Fortunately, we had good tour numbers on the days that the American Constellation was in town.”

The American Constellation is the only ship to sail to Haines this summer. The ship typically stays docked for a full day in town during its once-a-week visits.

The last sailing scheduled for this year is Sept. 2.