The most important point defined by the event on Beach Road is “we live in an area where landslides happen.” The situation causing the slide had existed for at least 200 years based on the age of the trees on the slide area. Landslides have been happening for thousands of years in this area.

The most dangerous time on the slide area was obviously when the event happened. Lives were lost and property was destroyed. Since I am a Beach Road resident I have been listening to the science group that has been studying the slide. They have done LIDAR sweeps of the area and found evidence that suggests movement and a fracture in the bedrock that appears to have widened during the event.

The science group extended their LIDAR studies to other areas.

Events similar to this have happened in the past and will happen in the future but what concerns me is the degree of certainty they have assigned to the possible reactivation of this event. And the lack of similar concern for possible slides in other areas.

Arthur Woodard