In the assembly election we have six people running for four seats.  I was planning on voting for four.  However, a friend told me to vote only for the people I wanted, to not vote for four just because of the seats available.  I hadn’t considered that voting only for my personal favorites is how to get the most value out of my votes.  So now, I’m wondering about this and feeling like I’ve got a dilemma and I’m making it public.  What do you think?

I had thought that voting for my favorites along with my best least-favorites was the way to go.  I now understand how voting for my not-favorites could hurt my favorites’ chances.  Then again, not voting for my best non-favorites could mean helping my worst non-favorites move ahead.

If there’s a true and correct answer to how to vote this year, it certainly applies to every voter in town.  Is there such an answer or is it more like we’re all between a rock and a hard place?

Please vote in our local election on or before Oct. 6.   Thank you. 

Evelyna Vignola