The F/V Windbreaker tipped over on the repair grid at the Small Boat Harbor at around 8 p.m. last Wednesday evening and leaked a small amount of diesel fuel into the harbor.

“It wasn’t balanced properly on the grid and the lines that were used to secure it weren’t strong enough and so the line broke,” Haines harbormaster Shawn Bell said this week. “It fell over on its side. Part of the keel pulled away from the hull and there was a minor amount of diesel spilled, but the majority of it was contained.”

Harbor staff deployed an oil boom that absorbed most of the fuel. Staff notified the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.

Bell said about one or two gallons of fuel leaked into the harbor.

“Once the tide rose high enough to float the boat, we were able to push it onto a trailer and get it out of the harbor,” Bell said.

Harley Morton runs the gillnetter.