The draft ‘aqueous storage’ ordinance article quote “There’s no industries currently in the borough that this would affect right now” is simply not true. The ordinance: It is unlawful for any person, association, corporation, or other entity to operate an aqueous storage facility which handles hazardous materials, waste, or substances within one mile of any surface body of water.

Definitions: aqueous- of or containing water, often as a solvent or medium; facility- a place, amenity, or piece of equipment provided for a particular purpose.

Everyone has aqueous storage: toilets, water bottles, ice chests, hot tubs, boilers, septic tanks, water wells, buckets, kiddie pools, rainwater catchment systems, home brewing supplies, paint cans- ad nauseum.

Commercial fishing boats have a fish hold, fish totes, bleach containers, water tanks, holding tanks for septic, sinks and buckets.

Excursion Inlet Packing requires a dam and lake for water storage. Their equipment must be cleaned, with water and sanitizer like bleach; bleach is a known killer of fish.

Haines Pool, the water storage and treatment facilities, sewer treatment plant, storm water catch basins, transmission pipes, roadside ditches and chemical storage are all included.

Every business depends upon aqueous storage. Our electricity depends upon water storage for hydropower or we switch to environmentally awful diesel.

Remove this ordinance from consideration, this is a targeted ordinance designed and paid for by special interests. The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation has regulations and training to handle aqueous storage, Haines Borough does not.

George Campbell