During my stay I have been fortunate enough to attend several events in the Chilkat Center, but the most recent visit provided entertainment that was very professional for a neighborhood theater group. “Noises Off” has been a topic of conversation with my sweetheart for years. He fancies himself a worker, actor, director and lover of neighborhood theater and was thrilled that we would see “Noises Off” while we were here during our 9 month stay. Much to his delight he was selected to be a cast member.

Six days a week for two months the cast rehearsed tirelessly. The stage crew built a set that was not only beautiful but was also mobile. The décor and aesthetics of the set were fantastic.

Watching the crew separate the set then turn it around while moving furniture and props was an entertainment event of its own. My hat’s off to the set crew.

The main event was certainly the cast that showed us that a complex and fast-moving play with banter and physical comedy can be “nailed” by a talented group of folks from Haines. Haines should be shouting from the roof tops about the level of entertainment its residents provide.

“Noises Off” is one of the many things I’m thankful for in this beautiful community. Thanks for all who have made our winter stay simply fabulous!

Carol Webb, Shell Knob, MO