Monday, July 21

An elderly woman died at a residence on Small Tracts Road.

A person reported a water leak on Soap Suds Alley. Public works said they already were working on leaky valves there.

A woman came to the police station to report an ex-boyfriend threatened her over the phone. She was referred to the court for a protective order.

A man on a boat in the Small Boat Harbor asked for help getting food. He was told to contact a restaurant.

A caller asked for a welfare check on a male relative. The caller was concerned about the man’s mental state. Police found the man sleeping, apparently fine.

Police received a protective order to serve on a Haines man.

A caller reported a borough truck sitting in the Small Boat Harbor parking lot filled with trash that could attract bears. The harbormaster said the bags contained petroleum and oil products and wouldn’t attract bears.

Police arrested a man for drunk driving at the intersection of Old Haines Highway and Mud Bay Road.

A caller reported ravens getting into the back of a borough vehicle and spreading trash everywhere. The harbormaster was advised.

A caller reported people set up a tent near him at the Chilkat State Park campground. The caller said he hadn’t seen the other campers and the tent had been empty for two days. Troopers were advised.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.

Sunday, July 20

A person asked police to conduct a welfare check on his children, who were on Third Avenue. The caller was referred to the court regarding a custody issue.

Lutak Road business owner reported a person had rented one of the business’s vehicles and hadn’t returned it on time. The business owner called back to say the vehicle had been returned.

A person reported a man yelling obscenities near Second Avenue. Officers responded but found no sign of a disturbance.

A caller reported excessive noise at the Small Boat Harbor. An officer responded and told the caller the noise ordinance doesn’t go into effect until 10 p.m.

Saturday, July 19

A person turned in a watch found near the Haines School playground.

Police served a protective order on a Haines resident.

A Small Tracts Road resident reported fireworks being set off nearby. Officers responded but were unable to locate the source of the noise.

Friday, July 18

A caller reported a mountain bike abandoned in the bike rack at Tlingit Park. An officer responded and found numerous bikes in the rack.

A caller reported dumped fish carcasses in the pullout near River Road. Public works employees were advised.

A person reported two men, one on an ATV and one on a motorcycle, trespassing on his River Road property. Police responded but were unable to locate the vehicles or riders. A second caller also reported the same ATV and motorcycle riders near Mud Bay Road on the Chilkat River flats. Officers responded and viewed a videotape , but could not identify the riders.

Thursday, July 17

A person reported a pick-up truck had backed into and damaged a motorcycle parked on Second Avenue near Main Street. Police completed a collision report and warned the pick-up truck driver.

A caller reported a Haines man violated a protective order. Police initiated a case.

Dispatch relayed a message to the harbormaster from an out-of-town caller.

A caller reported a vehicle in the ditch near 26 Mile Haines Highway. Troopers responded and requested a tow truck for the unmanned vehicle.

Wednesday, July 16

Police arrested a Haines man during a traffic stop on Allen Road for an outstanding warrant in Sitka for failure to appear on charges of driving with a revoked license.

A person reported a horse on the road near 3 Mile Haines Highway. Police and the owner’s family contained the horse.

A Haines resident asked for help investigating potentially neglectful actions committed by a woman toward children. The resident was given contact information for the Office of Children’s Services.

Police issued a citation for parking in a handicap zone on Main Street.

Police received a protective order to be served on a Haines woman.

A maintenance worker at a downtown business asked for help shutting off water. Public works employees were advised.

A caller reported seeing a vehicle speeding on Mud Bay Road.

A vehicle drove into a ditch along the Haines Highway near Fair Drive. Police found the driver disoriented but uninjured.

A caller reported fireworks on Small Tracts Road. An officer was unable to respond because he was investigating a car crash.

A caller reported a man driving drunk at Fort Seward. Police found the vehicle but no indications the driver was drunk.

Tuesday, July 15

A person reported an unattended, collapsible boat floating about one-quarter mile from shore off Letnikof Cove. The harbormaster, troopers and Coast Guard were advised. The owner later reclaimed the boat.

A caller reported four abandoned vehicles at the end of Comstock Road. Police investigated and tried to find the owners.

A woman reported a dog bit her on Beach Road. Police and the Haines Animal Rescue Kennel responded.