Explanation of wooden cut-outs

I wanted to set the record straight on why there have been wooden, cut-out animals in front of the borough office. A few weeks ago I was called and asked if the Friends of the Library still had the picket fences used for a Lighting of the Library several years ago. The caller wanted to use them to replace the orange cones that were in place to keep people from parking on newly sown grass. I told her that no, we don’t have those, but we do have several wooden animals in storage from a library display. We agreed that those would look better than the cones. Public works picked them up, painted them, and strung them with lights. Hopefully the moose, wolf and bear will help keep cars off the grass all winter long. Happy New Year.

Barb Blood

Put Christmas lights on stumps?

I thought the comments in the last Chilkat Valley News that blasted borough employees for having no Christmas spirit were exceptionally rich being that they came from the person that had a whole row of ugly stumps put along the state right-of-way by First Avenue and Lutak Road. The ugly row of stumps has been the topic of many discussions in our quaint little town. Perhaps hanging some Christmas lights on the stumps would have spread more Christmas cheer and spirit, instead of castigating a couple borough folks that at least gave it a shot with what they had to work with?

Matt Boron

Public library is a ‘happy place’

Last week I spent a very enjoyable afternoon at the Haines public library. I often go there to catch up on the Juneau Empire news. When I tired of reading, I wandered out to the common area where I found a comfortable chair and sat to admire the absolutely gorgeous Christmas tree. It reached clear to the high ceiling and was expertly decorated with the most beautiful decorations.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the library, by all means stop by. There’s always something interesting to see.

The library is not just a place filled with reading materials, videos, DVDs and magazines. It also has a section of CDs for your listening enjoyment. While I was there, several children came dashing in out of the cold and disappeared into the reading room where a storyteller sat waiting. The computers were all occupied, as usual.

Although the weather was freezing outside, the atmosphere of the library was cozy and warm. I was surprised that even with the weather so bad, the library was bustling with activity.

Someone once said, “Everyone should find a happy place.” As I reluctantly stood to leave, I thought to myself, “This is it. I just found my happy place!”

People in Haines are so fortunate to have a public library like ours.

Dixie Hayes

Thanks for trip to baby’s birth

God bless our community and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2015. I wish to thank all those wonderful and generous persons who contributed to the fundraiser for Frank Hickman and I to be with my daughter, Rita Brouillette, during the delivery of Frank and Rita’s son Ozzy. Thanks to all who helped cook the delicious meal and those who attended. Thank you to the businesses that made donations for the silent auction and those who baked the beautiful cakes and cookies and the nice, handmade items donated. Without your contributions we might not have been able to be here. Gunalcheesh.

Della Brouillette

Donnelly family: Thanks for prayers

The family of Wilbur Donnelly would like to say thank you to the many wonderful people of Klukwan and Haines for their prayers and support.  We will miss Wilbur. He will always be in our hearts. Gunalcheesh!

  Bernice Donnelly and Jeffery Klanott and family

Get a carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, deadly byproduct of combustion that can build up in your home. A recent carbon monoxide tragedy caught local resident Melissa Aronson’s attention, and she wanted to help. She is providing matching funds to get carbon monoxide detectors in residents’ homes. This fund has limited numbers of free carbon monoxide detectors for low-income residents and discount vouchers for others. Please contact the Haines Volunteer Fire Department at 766-2115 for more details. Thanks, Melissa Aronson!

Al Badgley, HVFD Training Officer

Writer will miss man’s best friend

I duly report that Chico Parnell passed away. He was sometimes near trouble yet always steered toward general righteousness. His compadres in this world are aplenty and I know his family can be relieved with Chico’s deliverance to the afterlife. We will miss Chico.

Bill Holton

Plea was lie, defendant says

I must respond to a court report printed in the Nov. 20 Chilkat Valley News.

The report stated I pleaded guilty to lying to obtain a fishing license. As advised by my attorney, after I gave her a $5,000 retainer fee, if we go to court it will cost a lot more. The penalties against me were eight years in jail and as much as $80,000 in fines.

The trouble is I was innocent and $5,000 was all I had. She said if I pleaded guilty to a much lesser charge, she would pay the fine out of the retainer fee and the jail time and fines would go away. Talk about sticking to your principles!

I think the real crime is hiring an Alaska State Trooper such as Ken VanSpronsen and allowing him to file false charges against a resident of Haines, not knowing his or her background.

As the false charges materialize, it doesn’t cost him a dime. He sits in his office, a smug grin on his face, as the resident tries to scrape money together to fight the State of Alaska.

Before the state goes to the trouble of painting “Integrity” on the side of their truck, they should look closely at who might be driving it around town.

In my 20-plus years as a resident of Haines, the only lie I ever told was when I was in court and I pleaded guilty. That was a lie. I was really innocent. I had no choice.

John Orr

Cancer patient grateful for love

Thank you, Haines family, for your undergirding love and prayers as I recently faced open-heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic. I am back home after a few weeks in cardiac rehab in Anchorage and am now continuing more rehab in Haines.  I just wanted to say thanks for the many beautiful cards and expressions of your care and love.  Prayer does work!

Marlys Johnson