I would like to clarify that Melissa Aronson and I did not speak either in support of or opposition to draft ordinance 501, as incorrectly reported by Kyle Clayton in the August 9, 2018 Chilkat Valley News front page article, ‘Assembly advances publicly funded solid waste program.

My comments at the assembly meeting were meant to encourage that recycling and composting be strong components in the details of a borough solid waste plan, if the ordinance should pass. I did not address the ordinance specifically, and Melissa asked only that it clearly includes a financial incentive for recycling.

I commented on the success of Haines Friends of Recycling (HFR)’s “Zero Waste” effort at the Fair, and the reduction in landfill waste that resulted, to illustrate community support for sorting recyclables and compostables from waste when given the opportunity and some guidance. HFR is the non-profit, volunteer group that gives the public these opportunities and support at community events. I noted praise from Lt. Governor Mallott and Juneau Assemblyman Kiehl as indication of broader regional support for efforts to reduce waste. Numerous local and visiting Fair-goers spoke to us in favor of our effort.

Some of these points are included in the CVN Duly Noted for August 9. Writer Lexie DeWitt asked to quote HFR’s Facebook about Fair waste reduction statistics and the above acknowledgements by public officials.

Molly Sturdevant, Haines Friends of Recycling