Monday, April 21

      A caller reported a relative was involved in a possible domestic dispute at an apartment on Main Street. Police located the people involved, but a woman refused police help and said no violence occurred.

  Police cleared rocks from the road near 2 Mile Lutak Road.

  A motorist was warned for failing to stop at a stop sign.

Sunday, April 20

  A caller reported ravens in trash on Front Street near the Small Boat Harbor. An officer tracked down a resident who had thrown garbage out. The resident cleaned up the mess and received a warning for illegal dumping.

     An officer removed rocks from the road near 2 Mile Lutak Road.

    A caller reported a group of Canadians in a pullout across the Lutak Bridge using chainsaws to cut down trees. Troopers were advised.

     Troopers were advised that a 911 caller near 18 Mile Haines Highway reported being hit by her husband. The man was arrested and charged with assault and interfering with a domestic violence call, as he disconnected the phone when his wife tried to call police.

Saturday, April 19

   A caller at 2 Mile Haines Highway asked for help getting her mother up on her feet. An officer responded but the woman had already gotten up.

  Loud music was reported coming from a residence near Major Road. A dispatcher called people at the residence, who turned the music down.

     An officer removed rocks from the road near 2 Mile Lutak Road.

   A Helms Loop resident reported a dog barking incessantly. Dispatch contacted a responsible party.  

Friday, April 18

   The harbormaster reported illegal dumping at the Small Boat Harbor. A case was initiated.

      A caller reported a motorhome parked at the corner of Third Avenue and Main Street making a hazard for cars stopped at stop signs.

    Police investigated a vehicle in the school parking lot that had smoke coming out of the engine. There was no fire.

    A Deishu Drive resident reported hearing rifle shots coming from the direction of Haines Highway. Police responded but heard no shots.

Thursday, April 17

     A school official asked police to perform a welfare check on an adult former student who was reported to be acting oddly. Police and a counselor conducted an interview and determined the person was not a threat.

       A caller asked an ambulance to respond to First Avenue for a man who was not breathing. The man was dead when the ambulance arrived.

   A woman asked police to respond to View Street where she and another woman had locked themselves in a car to avoid a disorderly woman. Police mediated the situation.

   A man drove to the station and asked police to help him with a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. Police responded and helped mediate.

    A woman asked for help with her vehicle, which was high-centered on a cement barricade on a Mathias Avenue driveway. Police responded and said a tow truck would be required.

Wednesday, April 16

        A caller reported his 5-year-old grandchild was missing from the library. The child was found a block away.

Tuesday, April 15

  A 911 caller reported an unresponsive man on Main Street. An ambulance responded and found the man was dead.

  A person reported a domestic dispute in a Main Street apartment. Police helped mediate the situation.

  A person asked police to conduct a welfare check on a woman at 18 Mile Haines Highway. Troopers responded.

     A caller reported smoke in the Beach Road area. Police were unable to find any smoke or fires.

   Police told a tow company to tow a vehicle abandoned on FAA Road.

        A caller reported black smoke near 5 Mile Haines Highway. Fire department personnel responded and found a person burning illegal materials.

     Police removed rocks from the road near 3.7 Mile Lutak Road.

   A woman asked police to conduct a welfare check on a Small Tracts Road man who had come to her home and was acting strangely. Police responded to the man’s residence and spoke to a person who said the man was fine.  

     Dispatch received 19 medical calls and two canine calls.