Sunday, Feb. 9

    A man requested dispatch logs related to his arrest for driving under the influence.

  A woman, whose conditions of release prohibited her from entering a liquor store, did so. Spotted by an officer, the woman was arrested and held on $500 bail.

Saturday, Feb. 8

  A Fourth Avenue resident reported fuel oil stolen from the storage tank at her residence. An officer responded and reviewed the furnace manual with the woman. Investigation revealed the amount of fuel missing was consistent with the specifications listed in the manual and a theft had most likely not occurred.

   A person asked for help removing a woman from an Oslund Drive residence. An officer responded and tried to get the woman to leave, but arrested her when she repeatedly refused. The woman was arrested for first-degree criminal trespass and held without bail pending arraignment.

Friday, Feb. 7

     Police tagged an abandoned vehicle on Lutak Road. The vehicle was moved later that day.

   A broken-down vehicle was observed on Small Tracts Road, but it was not impeding traffic.

Wednesday, Feb. 5

  A caller reported hearing three gunshots in the Fourth Avenue area. Police responded but didn’t find the source of the noise.

   A person reported a vehicle parked in the wrong direction on Third Avenue near the library. Police responded and issued a parking citation.

   A woman was arrested for criminal trespass in an Oslund Drive residence. The woman was taken to the jail pending arraignment.

  A traffic stop resulted in a warning for driving with an obstructed windshield.

Tuesday, Feb. 4

    A caller reported trespassers on her Young Road property and asked police keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles in the area. Police were advised.

     A person reported seeing an elderly man walking near 9 Mile Haines Highway who was not dressed for the harsh weather conditions. Troopers responded but were unable to locate the man.

  A traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.

    Dispatch received 14 medical calls and no canine calls.