There simply are not enough kind words to express my thanks to the many people involved in mine and Bill Kurz’s life yesterday and today. I would love to name each of you, but the list is so long I don’t want to chance missing anyone. You know who are. Special thanks to SEARHC, Dr. Lylith Grody-Patinkin and team, Haines Volunteer Fire Department, Haines Police Department, Hospice of Haines, the crew working on the hospital bed, and my second family Alaska Mountain Guides/Chilkat Guides.

On another note, Bill requested no obituary and no funeral. Bill had two wishes. He was able to be granted his wish of dying in Haines, thanks to the multitude of organizations listed above.

His last wish: Keep the Haines economy growing.

Bill will be missed by some, some not. In any case, Haines, keep up the good work. I would not live anywhere else.

Libby A. Kurz