November’s First Friday will double as the opening of long-time Haines resident Teri Bastable-Podsiki’s showcase of glass art and jewelry.

The Alaska Arts Confluence will be home to Bastable-Podisiki’s “Earth, Air, and Fire” glass exhibit until Nov. 22. The collection includes glass jewelry, sandblasted goblets, mirrors, landscapes, decorative plates and vessels.

In an Arts Confluence press release, Bastable-Podsiki said, “The area of glass is growing so fast; it has so much potential. It’s an ancient art and to see that this medium has been going for all these years from the hot molten blown glass to the kiln, it’s fascinating… the color, the malleability.”

Bastable-Podsiki has worked with glass for about 20 years, and said she feels like she is finally on the verge of having her own signature style.