I would like to reiterate Rebekah McCoy’s sentiments from last week’s paper. I have personally met all the Haines Police officers and find them to be ethical, kind, and upstanding individuals. They are family men who sacrifice their time with their families for our benefit and protection. You rarely see them attending community events because they are in uniform. While we are attending beer tastings, dancing until dawn, or just parading around town, our officers often aren’t participating, but instead are protecting and keeping people safe. They are most often the first on the scene to accidents and medical emergencies and provide first aid and assistance while waiting for the ambulance crew to arrive. I personally feel we should not decrease our police force but make it a six-member crew that is well-trained, well-paid, and gets appropriate time off to prevent burnout. Thank you Heath Scott, Josh Dryden, Brayton Long, and Chris Brown! You guys are much appreciated, and I am glad you will be there when I need someone most.

Amber Long