On Oct. 10, which was also Indigenous Peoples’ Day, I was really down and out and the reason is a smokehouse, which has a lot of history of caring and sharing, was to be destroyed and for no apparent reason. This smokehouse once belonged to a great woman who was well-respected for her ways, and her sharing, Lillian Hammond, my mother, who taught me her ways and to be respectful.

But on this day I was about to leave and think nothing of it. It didn’t happen that way. A very strong and determined woman said to herself, “This isn’t going to happen.” As I was leaving home, I ran into this person who tells me she was here to put a stop to this tragedy. And that she did. She made calls and these calls also became a savior. On the other end was another great friend and these two put a halt to this.

I’m so proud of her. She showed me what one voice can do to make a difference. She saved the smokehouse. Thank you very much, Becky Nash, for your courage and love.

Phillip Jackson