Monday, Sept. 12

Not available at press time.

Sunday, Sept. 11

A 911 hang-up call was received from a Main Street tavern. A call-back verified no emergency.

HBPD assisted U.S. Customs with a warrant check.

A resident of a Second Avenue apartment complex reported being verbally threatened by another apartment dweller.

Two reports were received to report an individual yelling and screaming in the townsite area.

Saturday, Sept. 10

A caller reported a tree had fallen across both lanes of the Haines Highway at 16.5 Mile. The Department of Transportation was contacted.

A resident of Beach Road reported sewage back-up. The water and sewer department was advised.

A caller reported an individual on Main Street yelling and screaming. HBPD made contact with the man.

A caller reported an identity theft involving credit card and bank fraud. Caller was advised to come to the police department to file a report.

An individual turned in three keys on a ring that were found on Main Street.

A caller reported items worth $590 stolen from a vehicle parked on Sawmill Road.

A caller reported drug activity in the area of Small Tracts Road.

The manager of an apartment complex on Second Avenue reported a resident screaming threats for 15 minutes.

Friday, Sept. 9

911 pocket dial. Caller was contacted, who confirmed no emergency.

A caller reported a vehicle passing a school bus that was stopped with its flashers on at 20 Mile Haines Highway. Alaska State Troopers were advised.

A person reported a neighbor constantly playing loud music. HBPD patrolled the area.

HBPD assisted a caller in relaying a message.

A caller reported a minor vehicle accident. The parties were advised to exchange insurance information.

A resident of a Second Avenue apartment complex reported that a neighbor was yelling at other residents. HBPD officers were advised.

A caller reported receiving harassing phone calls from an untraceable phone number to her place of employment on Haines Highway.

A caller reported a man in a baseball cap walking down Second Ave yelling obscenities at passersby.

A caller reported a person attempted to gain entry to their Fourth Avenue residence, causing damage to the front door. The caller was advised to obtain a protective order from the municipal court.

A caller reported illegal drug activity in the Haines area with no other supporting information.

A resident of a Second Avenue apartment complex reported a neighbor playing excessively loud music. HBPD advised to respond if music continues at an unreasonable time of the night.

Thursday, Sept. 8

A manager of a business on Main Street reported a trespasser. HBPD responded. The subject was gone on arrival.

An alarm company reported an alarm activation for a Third Avenue business. The business was contacted and reported it was a false alarm.

An owner of multiple businesses requested HBPD assistance to deal with a trespasser.

An employee of a Haines Highway business reported a person trespassing. HBPD officer was advised.

A caller reported a person illegally camping on private property. HBPD responded and advised the person to move his camp.

A caller reported a possible intoxicated driver in the 300 block of Haines Highway. HBPD patrolled the area, but did not locate the driver.

Wednesday, Sept. 7

A caller reported a man walking down the street screaming and yelling near the 200 block of Main Street.

A person brought in identification found near Tlingit Park. The owner was contacted and the card was returned.

A caller reported a person illegally camping on private property. HBPD responded. The camper was gone on arrival.

An out-of-state identification card was found near the cruise ship dock and was turned in to the police department.

Tuesday, Sept. 6

A caller in the area of Theater Drive reported somebody camping in woods in the surrounding area. Officers were advised, but were unable to locate the camper.

A resident in the area of 33 Mile reported that a man continues to trespass on the property. Dispatch advised the Alaska State Troopers.

A caller reported a fight in progress in the area of the airport. Officers dispatched.

A caller in the area of Main Street reported a man being loud and disorderly in a nearby business.

Dispatch received a 911 call from a resident who stated they accidentally called when trying to dial out.