“Planning Commission dips toe into harbor issue”; I love this headline, hallelujah!

While one would have thought the planning commission would have been invited to dive into the harbor issue long before now, hooray for this better late than never wet toe! First time a government body has taken the opposition to Plan 14B, actually let in the notion that there might be something here to look at, AND done something. Thank you to everyone.

Many, many real and eloquent words were spoken. I’ll name three people. Brenda Josephson calmly and clearly asserted the authority and responsibility the planning commission has in our government. That Joe Parnell’s assessment of the waiting list is correct has been certainly corroborated. Additionally, I now feel for Shawn Bell who’s stuck between a rock and a hard place with things like vital moorage space being unavailable because somehow a dead man manages to pay his fees.

I had reason to say hallelujah once before: Last year Dick Somerville of PND Engineers attended an assembly meeting telephonically, and he acknowledged that a park virtually surrounded by parking lot is not a great idea. People with authority are noticing that the opposition is making points worth noting.

For myself, I have more sympathy, understanding and perspective on the harbor. Will this lead to a more livable design for all? I surely hope so. Even this much acknowledgement and truthfulness has me singing a happier song.

Evelyna Vignola