Monday, July 11

A Main Street business requested to speak with police about a suspected shoplifter. An officer was advised.

A Haines Highway business asked an officer to speak with an employee who witnessed a shoplifting attempt. An officer was advised.

A caller reported two loose horses near 2 Mile Haines Highway. The owner was notified and agreed to secure the animals.

Dispatch received a 911 call from a distressed unknown person who would not give a location or incident information. Attempts to contact the caller were unsuccessful.

Two traffic stops resulted in warnings for speeding and crossing a double yellow line.

Sunday, July 10

An alarm company reported a fire alarm at a Union Street assisted living facility. Fire crews responded but determined the alarm was set off by burnt toast.

Multiple callers reported a maroon pick-up doing burnouts around town. An officer was advised.

A caller reported his son was bitten by an unrestrained dog while riding his bike on Third Avenue. The caller didn’t want assistance, but wanted the incident documented.

Saturday, July 9

A caller reported a vehicle backed into his vehicle on Main Street, causing damage to the front bumper. The caller was advised to exchange information and contact the insurance companies.

A Mosquito Lake resident asked for help with a civil matter.

Friday, July 8

A summons was served on a Haines resident.

A Front Street resident reported receiving a fraudulent letter in the mail stating she had won $1,000, but she had to send in money for processing fees. Dispatch told her to report the letter to the U.S. Postal Service.

A Union Street resident reported hearing fireworks in the Fourth Avenue area. An officer responded and discovered two juveniles igniting fireworks. The juveniles agreed to stop.

Thursday, July 7

A woman reported a suspicious person outside of a business and possibly in her vehicle. An officer responded.

A person reported suspicious activity on Haines School property. An officer responded.

A person reported a reckless driver. An officer was advised.

Police initiated a harassment case.

Wednesday, July 6

A person reported a vehicle accident on Main Street. Police responded.

A person reported a man walking into an unoccupied residence on Third Avenue. An officer was advised.

A resident reported a protective order violation. An officer responded.

An officer removed debris from Small Tracts Road.

An officer contacted a Canadian driver illegally parked on Main Street. The driver moved the vehicle.

An anonymous caller reported a dead gray cat on Beach Road. The caller said they had already contacted the Haines Animal Rescue Kennel.

Tuesday, July 5

Dispatch contacted a vehicle owner at the request of a First Avenue business representative who wanted the vehicle removed.

A caller reported a possibly intoxicated person driving an RV. An officer was advised.

A pedestrian reported being nearly hit by a tour bus on the Haines Highway. Police spoke with the bus driver.

A caller reported a vehicle blocking a traffic lane near Beach Road. Police responded but the vehicle had already been moved.