Pro-HNS, a new, Haines-based company, offers all facets of engineering work to private individuals, businesses and government agencies.

Jeremy Stephens launched the company in June and said business was brisk enough that in September he quit his state engineering job with the Department of Transportation, where he had worked five years.

Besides engineering, the company offers drafting and design work, administrative services and expertise in architecture and landscape architecture. Stephens is a civil engineer and four-year resident who draws on engineers, technicians and architects located in Haines, Skagway, Anchorage and Seward.

Residents might need engineering expertise for required site plans, such as putting in driveways adjacent to state right-of-ways, for engineering reports on homes that are for sale, for design of a septic system, or if site plans are required for construction, Stephens said.

Examples of commercial customers might include a business remodel, helping owners decide where beams can be removed or relocated for expansion, or designing a heating and ventilation system. The company is currently doing an areawide paving design for the Haines Borough.

Pro-HNS offers estimates, budget analysis and monitoring of projects, and can help clients navigate permitting and construction processes. Sometimes it determines that a client doesn’t need its services, Stephens said. “That’s not bad publicity. We’re definitely not trying to make people need us.”

Stephens works out of his home. To reach him, go to or phone 907-314-3689.