Monday, Nov. 30

A person reported a mudslide on Lutak Road. Troopers, police and state road crews responded.

Police arrested a 45-year-old Haines man on an arrest warrant.

A caller reported a relative suffering from dementia. The caller wanted police to know in case of any future incidents.

Two traffic stops resulted in warnings for failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to slow down for a yield sign and speeding.

Sunday, Nov. 29

A caller reported a mudslide on Lutak Road. State road crews responded.

A caller reported a flashing red light on the Beach Road pump station. Borough officials were advised.

A person asked police to perform a welfare check at a Haines business near the intersection of Second Avenue and Dalton Street. Police responded.

An alarm notification was received from the Veterans Village. Personnel said it was a tenant cooking.

Saturday, Nov. 28

A 911 caller reported extremely icy conditions on Chilkat Lake Road and the Haines Highway. The caller reported a car had already slid off the road. State road crews were advised and said they were already out sanding.

A caller reported the Third Avenue hill was hazardous and requested the road be closed due to icy conditions. State road crews were advised.

A traffic stop resulted in warnings for failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to carry a valid license.

Friday, Nov. 27

A caller reported icy road conditions near 12 Mile Haines Highway. State road crews were advised.

Thursday, Nov. 26

A caller in Juneau expressed concern a woman who wasn’t welcome would be staying in his Haines residence. The caller said he would be returning to Haines the next day and wanted the woman removed. Police advised that the woman wasn’t currently at the residence, and to call back if she was there when he returned.

Wednesday, Nov. 25

A person turned in a red bicycle that had been near the Small Boat Harbor.

A caller reported a vehicle accident near 27 Mile Haines Highway. There were no injuries. The caller reported the guardrail posts had been damaged. Troopers were advised.

A Letnikof Cove caller reported his dog had apparently been poisoned by methamphetamine, according to a Juneau veterinarian. Troopers were advised.

Police assisted Canadian authorities with driver’s license information.

A caller reported a float tied up at the old sawmill on Lutak Road was loose and floating away. The harbormaster said the float belonged to a local business and he was investigating the situation. An officer responded.

Five traffic stops resulted in warnings for broken headlights, a broken taillight, expired tags, crossing the white line and a broken back window.

Tuesday, Nov. 24

A caller reported her car was in the ditch on Allen Road because she had swerved to miss a cat in the road the previous night. The caller said she would remove it promptly. An officer was advised.