Yoga instructor Ericka Johnson will take over management of Main Street’s Zumba Studio this fall when Jackie Ruggirello migrates south to run her new vacation rental business in Hawaii.

Ruggirello said she will still spend time in Haines, but thought the studio would be better managed by a year-round resident invested in the space. Johnson, who has been teaching yoga at the facility for about one year, seemed like a perfect fit, Ruggirello said.

“My absolute intention was to keep it going and that is why I put it out there to some of the people that use the studio space,” Ruggirello said. “(Ericka) already teaches four yoga classes in there, so she’s really familiar with the space.”

The studio currently hosts vinyasa flow yoga, yin restorative yoga, Zumba and Zumba Gold classes, as well as ballet and circuit training. The space is also used for special events and workshops.

Johnson said her goal is to ramp up the studio’s fitness and health classes, including by recruiting teachers to lead new activities. “I want to get as many hours filled up and booked as I possibly can,” she said.

Future classes could include meditation gatherings, yoga nidra and teen yoga. “I definitely want to try to offer a teen yoga class. That is at the top of my list,” said Johnson, who substitutes at the Haines School.

Though most people call it the Zumbo Studio, the space is actually named the Chilkat Dance Studio. Johnson said she is still trying to decide if she will re-name the studio and if so, to what.

Johnson also intends to sell fitness and yoga-related gear at the studio, like clothes, meditation pillows and yoga mats.

To keep up with the studio’s class schedule, visit the Haines Yoga Facebook page.