The second annual Native Youth Olympic Games Fourth of July competition hosted by the Haines Borough Public Library was another great success. The rain drew us away from Tlingit Park and to the library, where the Friends of the Library were selling books and baked goods. There was a good crowd of die-hard athletes and their families who tried all of the events, including the one-foot high kick and the Eskimo stick pull. (I have lost the stick pull many a time to junior athletes, which would traditionally symbolize my opponent’s successful retrieval of a seal from the ice). Gunalcheesh, Chilkoot Indian Association, for the prize donation and continued support of Native Youth Olympic Games. Thank you, Tlingit Ink, for the custom print T-shirts for our athletes to proudly sport around town. I would like to thank the community of Haines for its increased interest and support of these traditional games. I hope athletes continue to practice, work on their strength and reach for the top!

Jessie Morgan, Education/Cultural Coordinator Haines Borough Public Library