Rainbow Glacier Camp officials may look to attract campers from the Lower 48 to maintain enrollment at the Gospel summer camp at Paradise Cove.

The camp has been operated by the Haines Presbyterian Church since the 1950s but has experienced a gradual decline in enrollment, said pastor Ron Horn, who serves as chair of the camp’s board.

“It’s something we’ve been struggling with for the last 10 years,” Horn said. The camp draws between 75 and 100 youths during a month of week-long sessions, but would do better with about 150 campers, he said.

The camp traditionally drew participants from Southeast, including villages as far away at Metlakatla, Horn said. Factors like the increased cost of travel and competition from summer sports camps have eroded camp participation, he said.

The camp near 6 Mile Mud Bay Road and includes 50 acres and about a dozen structures.