Haines Borough Mayor Stephanie Scott said she hasn’t heard on a request for a waiver from the no-overnight-parking policy at the Haines ferry terminal.

Scott submitted the waiver request Nov. 5, which asks that travelers using the Haines ferry terminal be allowed to park their vehicles overnight in the visitor parking lot or a nearby location designated by ferry terminal staff.

Next spring the ferry system to plans install signs reading “No Overnight Parking, Unauthorized Vehicles will be Towed at Owner’s Expense.” It also will start enforcing the rule, which has been in effect for at least a decade but has not been strictly enforced.

In her letter to Richard Leary, the ferry system’s business development manager, Scott pointed out that the terminal is four miles outside the town center, still miles from many homes.

“The inability to have ready access to one’s vehicle would be especially burdensome to ferry travelers who have depended for decades on being able to drive themselves home – often in the middle of the night – rather than disturb families and friends with pleas for transport,” Scott said.

According to the waiver, Leary is supposed to coordinate with the operations and marketing department to determine the feasibility of the request. Leary will then develop a statement of facts and deliver them to the ferry system’s general manager, who will make a decision.