I moved to Haines to escape the crime and drug-infested Lower 48.

I used to live in a small town in Idaho. Then meth moved in. With meth comes crime and violence. I experienced this first-hand through family, friends and community. Meth affects everyone. People are afraid to “tell” or be a “rat.” It’s called whistle-blowing when it threatens your way of life or someone else’s. Meth will destroy Haines as we know it.

I see people call in all the time about a bear too close, for fear of their life, home or children. But you won’t call in about meth? I trust a bear more than I trust meth and the people using it. As a citizen of Haines, I will do anything in my power to protect my way of life. Yes, I am a whistle-blower. Who else wants to keep their quality of life? If you think for one second that meth won’t affect you, you are mistaken!

Leslie Corless