I would like to express my deep concern in regard to Chilkoot Indian Association’s half-page ads to vote “no” against the proposed change to the borough’s preamble. This ad was placed as if it were the official position taken by the CIA tribal council. I found, by talking to more than one council member, that an official vote at an official meeting was never taken prior to publishing the ad. The proposition was never thoroughly vetted. I find it disturbing that Dave Berry would misrepresent the tribe in such a way. I found no evidence that a unanimous vote was taken as Dave asserted. The ad is misleading and fears of loss to tribal sovereignty are unsubstantiated. I would like to know where funds in excess of $1,000 for this political ad came from? This ad does not represent my opinion, nor should it be the official position of the tribe.

Lee E. Clayton

CIA Tribal member and former Tribal President