Residents interested in running for Haines Borough Assembly or school board must declare their candidacy and file the appropriate paperwork by July 26.

Two assembly seats and two school board seats, all with three-year terms, are available. One school board seat with a two-year term will also be open.

Assembly member Norm Smith, whose seat is opening up, said this week “there is no way” he would run for the position again. Assembly member Steve Vick also said he will not seek re-election this term.

school board member Sarah Swinton said she will run again, but member Royal Henderson will not. Ardy Miller, appointed last year, said she would run to keep her seat that has two years remaining on its term.

Prospective candidates can get required paperwork from the borough at the administration building on Third Avenue. Candidates must circulate a nominating petition and receive at least 10 signatures from valid Haines voters to be placed on the ballot for the Oct. 1 elections.

The elections will use a roster-style ballot for the first time, following the recent passage of an ordinance eliminating the seat system.

The Alaska Public Offices Commission will conduct online and teleconferenced candidate training sessions on filing requirements.