Wise resource management does not mean that they be removed from development, it means managing them in such a way that they can contribute to the wealth and welfare of society while not being locked up or exploited without control.

Resource development, such as logging, mining, oil and hydro can co-exist with fishing, wilderness, game and recreational resources so long as there is flexibility among those involved. Unfortunately, there are those who that take the stance of, “It can’t happen. I don’t want it.”

Much of the movement against resource development revolves around exhibiting facts and events that occurred long ago when there were no rules. Certainly there were wrongs committed by industry against society and the environment in their quest for profits. We have come a long, long ways in the last 40 years and for sure in the last 100 years.

Industry simply cannot operate the way it did in the times of our fathers. How long must we pay for the sins of our fathers?

Scott Rossman