I am embarrassed for our community by the disrespectful and divisive comments made by our outgoing school board president regarding the award-winning photographer and writer Amy Gulick. Her upcoming “Salmon in the Trees” presentations in Haines are supported by 20 local organizations and businesses and several other schools in the region.

  To become effective citizens, our students need to learn and live by core democratic values,  be aware of events and issues that have an impact on people at local, state, national and global levels, and to seek information and perspectives to develop informed opinions and creative solutions.   

  Capitalism and “development,” use or destruction of natural resources, are crucial issues for our students to understand and consider, as it is their future at stake. How undemocratic for two members of the school board to wield their personal political views to influence what our students are exposed to. It just so happens that we live in the largest temperate rainforest on the planet and doesn’t it make sense that our children should understand its ecology? I think the school board owes Amy Gulick an apology for its president’s public statements. For Cheryl Stickler, next time, don’t be afraid to stand up for what you know is right. 

  Scott Carey