Monday, July 23

A caller requested a welfare check on a woman. Police were unable to locate the woman but she called the station to say she was okay.

A caller reported a missing, possibly stolen, hatchet.

A caller complained that a skateboarder was listening to headphones and texting while skateboarding with traffic near the Haines School.

An officer responded after the harbormaster requested help with an unruly individual being evicted from the harbor.

Vandalism was reported to a steamroller in the Chilkoot Estates subdivision. Tires were damaged and wooden stakes were shoved into a gas tank. Damage was estimated at $5,000.

Sunday, July 22

A business owner reported a person dumping brake fluid in the business driveway near 1 Mile Haines Highway and refusing to leave. Police responded and determined the person spilled some brake fluid and wasn’t aware of the request to leave. Police directed the person to a safe parking area.

Troopers were advised of a report that a fisherman shot a seal or sea lion from a boat.

A bear was reported near a residence on Lutak Inlet.

Five traffic stops included four verbal warnings for taillight violations and one citation for speeding.

Saturday, July 21

Officers helped a person retrieve belongings after a disagreement.

A person reported losing fishing poles off a motorcycle, possibly on Main Street.

In a separate incident, a tackle box found at 15 Mile Haines Highway was claimed by its owner.

A person was arrested for criminal mischief for breaking a window, and damaging a pair of sunglasses and a deck at a north Portage Cove residence.

A motorist was warned for speeding.

Skateboarders were reported on Main Street.

A person sought help finding a lost purse; the purse was retrieved from a downtown business with no items missing.

Construction work caused a false alarm at a downtown business.

Dispatch contacted the harbormaster at the request of a person seeking to pay for services before leaving town.

An officer responding to a call found a motorcyclist who was camping out downtown had broken down there.

A caller complained that another person had driven drunk the previous night.

Friday, July 20

A caller reported a vehicle window was broken by a road crew near the airport.

Public works was advised after a water main was reported broken near Comstock and Allen roads.

The fire department advised a resident of a partial burn ban limiting fires to barrels and campfires.

Water was reported backing up at a harbor business.

A caller reported trash at a downtown apartment and office rental. Police contacted the apartment renter, who was cleaning up the trash.

Thursday, July 19

A caller reported a window broken at the barracks building.

A caller was worried about the safety of a skateboarder at Third Avenue.

Police investigated the report of someone breaking into an RV at the former Elks Lodge parking lot. Police found it was the owners of the RV and asked them to move it.

Wednesday, July 18

Construction workers reported a parking violation at Lynnview. Attempts were made to find the owner and move the vehicle.

People were reported swimming out to the Port Chilkoot Dock float. The harbormaster was advised.

An employee of a local business could not lock the building. A responsible party was located.

A skiff and a commercial fishing boat were reported with nets in the water late at night on Lutak Inlet although fishing had closed earlier.

Tuesday, July 17

A subsistence fisherman at Lutak boat ramp reported catching a whale in his net. The whale freed itself and the fisherman retrieved his net. The Fish and Wildlife trooper was advised.

A caller reported a dump employee had to dispatch a bear for reasons of defense of life or property. The Fish and Wildlife trooper was advised.

A caller reported a car speeding near 1 Mile Haines Highway and was concerned about the safety of children there.

A caller reported seeing tourists eating outside a downtown restaurant with open alcohol containers. An officer responded but the tourists had left.

A person reported receiving an obscene e-mail. An investigation continued.

A caller reported a large bear near Carrs Cove. A caller sought help notifying people in the area.

A caller requested a welfare check on a man reported staggering near 1 Mile Haines Highway. Officers located the man and gave him a ride.

A landlord sought help contacting the water and sewer department after a sewer line backed up.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.

There were 22 medical calls and five calls about dogs.