Former First National Bank branch manager Karl Heinz has transferred to the bank’s Eagle River branch. Karl and his family lived in Haines for four years. Karl’s replacement has not been announced, but the bank’s Board of Directors is scheduled to visit Haines Aug. 24, when they will host a community open house at the bank from 1 to 3 p.m. The open house will be an opportunity to talk to board members and catch up with Carl, who will return to Haines for the event. Management trainee Gavin Graham is currently working in Haines to gain experience with small community banking. He has worked in Fairbanks and Anchorage.
Heather Lende was traveling to London this week to watch sister-in-law Karen O’Connor compete in equestrian events in the summer Olympic Games. O’Connor, 54, is the sister of Chip Lende. She’s making her fifth appearance as an Olympian and is the oldest U.S. athlete. She has won silver and bronze medals at previous Olympics. Heather is making the trip with Karen’s mother, Joanne Lende. Heather and Joanne were hoping to see some minor events, like table tennis, and get seats at the opening ceremonies of the 30th Olympiad Friday. Karen’s husband David O’Connor, an Olympic gold medal winner, is coaching Canada’s equestrian team. To see Heather’s Olympic blog entries, go to and type “Heather Lende” into the search bar.
Margaret Sebens and her family have returned to Haines following Margaret’s completion of a nine-month speech pathology fellowship at a skilled nursing facility in Key West, Fla. Margaret completed her master’s degree in speech and language pathology with East Carolina University last summer, which included summer clinical work through the University of Alaska-Anchorage. In Florida, Margaret worked in a rehabilitation unit with adults recovering from strokes, head injuries and medically-induced dementia. She received her national certification upon completion of the fellowship, and is in the process of obtaining her Alaska business license and teaching certificate for special services. In preparation for private practice, Margaret is maintaining her skills in Haines by volunteering her services, and is currently taking referrals for future practice. She expects to be in practice by the end of the summer. While most of Margaret’s clinical experience was in pediatrics, she is qualified to work with all ages. Speech language pathology addresses articulation issues, speech mechanics, and voice and swallow dysfunction.
Len Feldman, Ma’or Cohen, and their daughters Maya and Ella spent three weeks cruising in their 35-foot sailboat. They were joined by Juneau friends Sarah and Henry Hopkins, and their children Emma and Erik, who sailed to meet them at Swanson Harbor, in Icy Straight. The families planned their days based on the weather and tides, and took time to explore and play. They explored along the outer coast, where the girls found sea stars, gumboots, chitons and arthropods in the minus tides. They met up with former Haines resident Eric Bealer at Bohemia Basin, and sailed to White Sulfur Springs together. Len has been sailing for more than 30 years. This was the first extended trip for Maya and Ella.
The Heinrich family is hosting a family reunion in Haines this week. Alan and Jeannette’s daughter Tara Fulton is here with her husband Derrick and their children Amanda and Eric. They arrived with former exchange student Marte Heggem, from Helden, Norway, who was a Haines student in 1993 when Tara was a senior. They are staying with Tara’s sister, Ashley Sage, and her family. Brothers Kurt and Karl Heinrich arrived on Sunday from Frisco, Texas with Karl’s wife Johanna and their six children.
Former resident Doris Horner was in Haines to visit family. She stayed with son Greg Horner, and was in town to greet granddaughter Elena Horner, when she arrived home from her summer trip to Tanzania and Europe. Doris’ daughter D.D. Wallum was also in Haines with her son Marshall. They caught up with D.D.’s daughters Lori and Lisa Sele and spent time with grandson George Shove. Doris met her great-grandson for the first time.
Leigh Horner spent a month traveling in the Pacific Northwest. She had lunch with Tom Lang in Portland. Tom is writing and taking a break from teaching public speaking workshops in Bali. Leigh had dinner with former residents Gail and Dave Harper, and Gail’s son Rahsaan Gregg. She spent two nights with former residents Michelle Glass and Curtis Oldenstat and their son Zane on Whidbey Island. Leigh met up with Matt Hawthorne, his wife Emma and their baby son Jonah in Bellingham and saw Christina Gray, who works at a cupcake shop near the ferry terminal.
Tia Heywood spent three weeks in Tuscany, Italy with the Maryland Institute College of Art. The pre-college program for rising high school juniors and seniors had 21 students who stayed in converted apartments in a former farmhouse, and took daily outings to surrounding hill towns to work on landscape paintings. A typical day included three hours of painting in the morning, followed by open-studio time and a second, three-hour painting session in the late afternoon. They also took field trips to Florence and Sienna, toured a castle and the Etruscan tombs, and swam at beaches on the Mediterranean. Tia’s favorite town was Arcidosso. A music festival was underway, and Tia painted to the sound of cello and piano in the background. Tia entered some of her work in the Southeast Alaska State Fair, including a series of five paintings composed during the progression of one sunset.
Skye Posey is home from birding camp put on by the American Birding Association in Estes Park, Colo., where she identified 103 bird species. Skye was the youngest of 18 students ranging from 11 to 16 years old. They stayed at a YMCA lodge, and took field trips to a different destination on each of four full days. In the Indo Valley, Skye saw a hummingbird nest and a wren’s nest. At the Pawnee National Grasslands, Skye counted 51 bird species in a single day, including a flock of white pelicans and long-billed curlews. In Phantom Canyon, Skye discovered her new favorite bird, the western tanager, and also spied bald and golden eagles.