Monday, June 13

A caller reported someone had been driving recklessly at the Chilkoot Lake campground. An officer contacted the individuals and gave them a verbal warning for reckless driving.

A caller reported a newer model green pickup had been driving fast and recklessly around town. An officer was advised and did not locate the vehicle.

Sunday, June 12

Police responded to a domestic dispute on Mud Bay Road. No charges were filed.

A caller reported two females screaming in a nearby residence downtown. Officers responded and did not find the source of the noise.

A person came into the police station to report an assault that happened the night before at a downtown bar. A case was initiated and the investigation is ongoing.

Saturday, June 11

A person reported two rods and reels stolen off a boat at the boat harbor. A case was initiated and the investigation is ongoing.

A caller requested a harassment complaint against a person and said she is reporting it now because it seems to be escalating. An officer advised the caller that she could get a protective order.

A caller reported a moped illegally parked that was blocking a fire hydrant in front of a business.

A caller reported receiving several harassing phone calls. The caller was advised to contact Alaska Power and Telephone about setting up a trace if the calls continue to be a problem.

Friday, June 10

A caller reported hearing a man and a woman inside her Young Road home who she thought were downstairs stealing her curtain rods. An officer responded and did not find any suspicious activity in the house.

A caller reported his vehicle had been stolen. Border and ferry officials were advised. The caller reported shortly after that a friend had borrowed the car when their vehicle had broken down and everything was now OK.

A caller reported shots fired in the Piedad area. An officer responded and did not locate the source of the noise.

A caller reported kids climbing on trees and onto the roof at the school. An officer responded and found the kids, who did not make it on the roof but were trying to reach it, and the officer told them to stop.

A caller reported a horse with no rider heading into town from Mud Bay Road. An officer contacted the owner of the horse.

Thursday, June 9

A business reported an individual left without paying. The people responsible for the bill were contacted and said they would take care of the bill.

The library reported that a boy there seemed to have lost his mother. The family was contacted to pick up the child.

A caller reported dusty road conditions on Lutak Road. Public works was advised.

A caller reported a moose with two calves in the Lutak Lumber yard. Another caller reported the moose and calves were in the wooded area across from Alaska Marine Lines. Officers were advised.

A caller reported a power outage on Major Road. Alaska Power and Telephone responded.

A caller reported a person staggering up Fourth Avenue. An officer responded and did not locate the person.

Wednesday, June 8

A caller reported a four-wheeled bicycle that did not have a tour permit parked illegally at the Port Chilkoot Dock An officer responded and told the driver not to park there.

A caller requested extra patrols at a storage unit behind the post office after there had been some reported vandalism two weeks earlier.

A caller reported underage drinking at a downtown residence. An officer responded and did not locate the individuals.

Tuesday, June 7

A business reported an underage person attempting to buy alcohol. An officer responded, and the person was undercover on behalf of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

A caller reported several vehicles parked illegally at the Port Chilkoot Dock. An officer responded and issued five written warnings.

A caller reported a vehicle parked illegally on Main Street. An officer responded, and the vehicle was gone.

A caller reported juveniles climbing on sewage pipes on Fourth Avenue and View Street. The caller later said the kids had left.

A caller reported a lot of yelling at 3 Mile Haines Highway. An officer responded and gave a person a ride into town.

There were 20 medical calls and three calls about dogs.

The Haines Borough Police Department can be reached at 766-2121.