Monday, June 25

Several bags of garbage were reported left out at a Barnett Drive residence and a bear got into one bag. Police were attempting to reach the person who put out the bags.

After a welfare check on a drunk person, the person was taken to the clinic and later lodged at the Haines jail.

A Beach Road caller requested assistance getting an irate person off their property. The person was taken into custody and later released.

Eight traffic stops resulted in warnings for basic speed, failure to stop at a stop sign and license plate and tag violations.

Sunday, June 24

Fire department personnel squelched a fire at 16 Mile Haines Highway resulting from a campfire that had been left.

Police secured doors at the ANB Hall following a call.

Police contacted a person about a window left open at a Fort Seward business.

A boat owner was contacted following the report of a vessel sinking at the Small Boat Harbor.

An officer responded to a call about a possible drunk driver at Chilkoot Lake.

Traffic stops resulted in verbal warnings for exceeding the posted speed and for a taillight violation.

Public works was advised of a report that the drinking fountain at Tlingit Park was reported damaged so that it would not shut off.

Saturday, July 23

After a call about youths jumping off the end of Port Chilkoot Dock, an officer spoke with a person on the float there.

Search and rescue crews retrieved two lost hikers on Mount Ripinsky.

Two bears were reported on Oslund Drive.

A caller reported a broken car window. An officer investigated and it was determined a neighbor’s weed-eater was responsible.

Police responded to a call about a noisy and intoxicated group on Oslund Drive.

Friday, June 22

Two traffic stops resulted in a warning for breaking the speed limit.

A business owner turned in a bicycle left at the business.

A person reported a bear damaged her car at the end of Piedad Road.

A caller reported a bear had attacked a locked dumpster and damaged a truck on Mud Bay Road behind Fort Seward.

Public works sought dispatch assistance in moving a boat to make way for road work.

Thursday, June 21

A 911 caller reported a fire; the fire department found no signs of fire.

Borough officials sought extra patrols of Tlingit Park after vandalism there.

State road crews were advised of a tree down at 24 Mile Haines Highway.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for failure to display registration.

Wednesday, June 20

Two traffic stops resulted in verbal warnings for defective tail lights.

A caller dialed 911, seeking assistance; police responded but could not locate the caller.

A gas station reported a driver leaving without paying for gas. The person, a visitor, was located at the border station and returned to town to pay the bill.

Tuesday, June 19

Two traffic stops resulted in verbal warnings for failure to stop at a stop sign.

State troopers were advised of a report of a boat taken from a pullout at 25 Mile Haines Highway.

Dispatch helped locate a person to assist with a donation from a business to Haines Senior Center.

A 911 caller reported a woman had assaulted two men at 33 Mile Haines Highway. Troopers responded and separated the fighting parties.

A caller reported a hole kicked in sheetrock at the women’s restroom at Tlingit Park.

A person reported being assaulted outside a Main Street bar; officers initiated a case.

There were 11 medical calls and three calls about dogs.