Monday, June 4

A caller reported a possible sewer line leak in front of the Sheldon Museum. The water and sewer department was advised.

An investigation was started after trash was dumped near 4 Mile Lutak Road.

A drunken driver was reported near Deishu Drive.

Sunday, June 3

A person walked into the police station seeking a ride to 25 Mile. Dispatch called a taxi.

A caller reported a bear with an injured paw. State troopers were advised.

Saturday, June 2

An officer reported vandalism to a restroom door at the Port Chilkoot Dock.

Dispatch received 911 call “pocket dials” from a cell phone on two different occasions.

State troopers were advised of a report that a bear had been destroyed at a Beach Road business.

A person reported that his tent had been lost off his motorcycle between Chilkat State Park and town.

A caller requested assistance locating a pet turtle that had escaped into her yard. The caller inquired about canine search and rescue unit availability. The animal kennel was advised.

Friday, June 1

A caller reported a bear at Portage Cove campground; the state parks ranger responded.

Two callers reported vehicles parked on Main Street and Third Avenue so as to block the view of oncoming traffic. The vehicles were moved.

The harbormaster sought police help with a man acting disorderly. An officer responded and the situation was resolved.

A caller reported receiving a fraudulent telephone call from an individual claiming to be her grandson and requesting money.

Thursday, May 31

A downtown business had its signs and chairs removed and placed in the road. A citizen returned them to the business’ property.

Two suspicious vehicles were reported parked near the medical clinic. The vehicles left the area before an officer responded.

A caller reported a church bell was rung early in the morning. A responding officer found construction cones, signs and lights had been removed from Main Street. A construction light had been placed on the church property.

The electric utility was advised of an outage near Piedad Road.

A bear was reported near Jones Point Cemetery, walking toward a nearby trailer court.

A bear threatening goats was shot in Cathedral View subdivision. A responding officer filed a report and notified state troopers.

Police shot a brown bear on Lutak Road with rubber bullets.

A caller reported she was almost hit by a pickup while jogging on Lutak Road. The driver was talking on the cell phone.

A traffic accident was reported at 19 Mile. A vehicle was upside down and several people were trapped. Ambulance and fire department personnel responded.

A caller reported skateboarders at the Port Chilkoot Dock parking lot. An officer responded but found no skaters.

Wednesday, May 30

A citizen moved a picnic table that had been put in the middle of Front Street

Tables and benches were overturned at Tlingit Park and on Front Street.

A bear was seen on the beach just off Lutak Road.

A problem bear was reported to be back on Beach Road and had broken into two garages. The responding officer determined the same bear had also torn open a shed and chomped on a charcoal grill. The officer shot the bear with three rubber slugs, but it was reported back in the area later in the day.

State road crews were notified of a rockslide on Haines Highway at 15 Mile.

A caller reported a vehicle parked in the Lynn View Road area for an extended period.

A caller reported four people speaking a foreign language were asking for donations at their residence at Lynn View.

Tuesday, May 29

An employee at a business reported the theft of money and other items from his jacket.

A vehicle was reported parked partially in an intersection near the Fort Seward parade grounds. An officer contacted a friend of the owner and it was moved.

A bear was reported to have broken into a freezer, stolen a package of hash browns and damaged a Beach Road property. A responding officer referred owners to Fish and Game.

There were 22 medical calls.